Off The Deep End

I am a clinical social worker and substance abuse counselor in Lubbock, Texas.  I love my job.  I love my family.  I have the greatest friends on the planet.  I believe that many things in life can be vastly improved, if not cured, by laughter.  I am afraid of clowns, birds, fire, cockroaches, giant windmills, mimes, balloons, and giant sinkholes.  I love words – I love to read them, study them, listen to them, write them, speak them, and rearrange the letters in them to make other words, preferably of 7 letters.  My favorite food is toast.  I recently switched from Dr. Pepper to Coke Zero, and this was difficult for me, but I have adjusted.  I am an extrovert and love to be around people, but I also require a lot of downtime, preferably on my couch with my blanket and a cat.  I love music and have an internal soundtrack playing in my head almost all of the time.  I grew up in the 80’s and loved it.  I am in recovery.  This has proven to be one of the greatest blessings in my life, though I never could have predicted that it would work out that way.  I love to organize, alphabetize, and color-code things.  I have very poor time-management skills and a total lack of self-discipline when left to my own devices, so I over-compensate with a teeny tiny bit of obsessive-compulsive behavior.  My relationship with Jesus is the defining and single most important thing in my life.  I have a complete inability to refrain from spending $150 every time I go to Target.  I am somewhat of a grammar snob – I try not to be, but my mother is an English teacher and she genetically predisposed me AND environmentally nurtured my grammarsnobbery, so it’s pretty much out of my hands.  I was a collegiate tennis player, but am now a struggling runner.  More struggling than runner.  I am the mother of 2 precious cats, including one who is pretty much human, but I try not to be the previously-engaged-but-never-married-cat-person.  Okay I am that person.  I collect Swatch watches – the plastic kind.  Unfortunately, my watch collection has no bearing whatsoever on my ability to be on time.  I am most likely late for something right now.

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