Off The Deep End

I am not currently enrolled in school, and am not employed as a teacher, principal, school counselor, school nurse, coach, teacher’s aide, or anything else Academia. Therefore, the words “Spring Break” usually have little to no impact on me, as this week usually looks pretty much like any other week work-wise. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. This year, I have taken the week off from work and am in the throes of a Staycation. Today was Day One, and it was awesome. Awesome. Sweat pants were worn. Flip-flops stayed on all day. A cheeseburger was eaten, and the house was cleaned. Despite the fact that I love my job, a week off work is exactly what I need right now, and it is totally rocking my world. And as I flip-flopped around all day, I thought about some other things that are rocking my world right now:

1) iTunes Radio. I love love love iTunes Radio. I think for the most part it’s similar to Pandora and Spotify, which are also awesome. I just love this concept of getting to build a radio station based on your favorite artist, and further customize it by telling it which songs you like as they are played. We’ve come a long way from waiting by the jam box with your finger poised to hit “Record” when your favorite song comes on. My current favorites are Matt Nathanson, David Crowder Band, Matt Maher, Gary Allan, Rob Thomas, and Mumford & Sons. I also like the iTunes Weekly Top 50 station, as it’s important to stay up to date on the current music so the young people in my life will think I’m rad.

2) Sunday, March 15th, The Perfect Tennis Day. It’s tough to live in Lubbock, Texas and be a tennis player in the spring. The reason being that the wind starts blowing in March and doesn’t stop until June (at which time you become so hot you fear you’ll perish. That lasts until September). At times, the wind blows so hard that it creates a dust storm that can be seen from space. From SPACE. But yesterday was the Absolute Perfect Tennis Day. Beautiful sunshine, light breeze, and 2 good sets. Awesome.

3) Jeans on Fridays. I absolutely love to wear jeans. That’s why when my workplace instituted a “Jeans on Fridays” policy, I about did backflips. Even if it’s only one day a week, those jeans feel so great. We also now have a “Jeans If It Is Snowing Or The High Is 32 Degrees Or Lower” policy, which has rocked my world this winter as well. Jeans + Uggs = Winter Comfort & Joy.

4) Baseball Season. I am a huge fan of TCU baseball. And baseball season is here.

5) The Insane Inflatable 5K Race. This was held last Saturday, and oh my gosh. 3.1 miles of inflatable awesome. Giant bouncy houses, a giant slide, inflatable obstacle courses – I just don’t think an adult could possibly have much more fun. And to top it off, I got to do it with a friend I adore.

6) My 2 cats playing together. This happened for the first time this past week. After 9 months of hissing, growling, and looks that could kill, my 2 babies have decided to bond. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Does a mother’s heart good.

Those are a few things that are making me feel all the happiness. Best wishes for a super-duper Spring Break!